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orientation. 1-5 motivated by religious bias. >> reporter: president obama's short bay area visit. 30 minutes ago the president boarded at sfo and took off headed for los angeles. he had three stops in san francisco in the 5 hours he was here. >> at one of the stops the president got an earful of hecklers. they say he is not doing enough to address the immigration issue. david stevenson was there as the heckler tried to take over the president's speech and david shows us what the president did after he stopped security from removing that young man. >> reporter: in san francisco president obama spoke to a crowd of 400 on immigration reform. calling for the thuse get on board -- for the house to get on board with the bill. >> we have 11 million people in the county, with no real way to get on the right side of the law. >> reporter: near the end of the remarks, a cry for help from the bleachers. >> we will live up -- [ talking at the same time ] >> reporter: he interrupted the president to call for an tend to deportation. he said the administration has a bad track record on helping undocumented
. the agreement requires iran to stop production of fuel. today, we learned president obama phoned israeli prime minister to assure him he will consult with israel on the nuclear deal with iran. but israel and lawmakers here in the u.s. are skeptical iran will live up the to agreement. >> the united states and other world powers reached an agreement with iran on its nuclear program sunday. president obama said this is an important first step toward an comprehensive solution on iran's nuclear program. >> reporter: iran agreed it will curb its nuclear activity while accepts sangs are eased. in congress, there is concern on both sides of the aisle this deal could buy iran more time to develop a nuclear weapon. >> we are very concerned as to whether iran will live up to these commitments. >> we have trusted the iranians before and what do we have for it? they continue to hide their development of these weapons. >> reporter: meanwhile, israel is dead set against any deal with iran. >> this is a regime that has consistently called israel a cancer that has to be removed. we would be irresponsible not t
. >>> even president obama noticed the l caped kru saider. he commented on a photo of miles on twitter. the president tweeted, quote, here he comes. president obama also poesd a batkid video on the web site vine. he certainly was not the only one. coming up at 5:30 how batkid not only took san francisco by storm but captured all of social media. >>> now, bart's board of directors is meeting right now to a closed door session to investigate a mistake they say was discovered in a tentative labor contract. that contract glitch threatens to derail the agreement between bart union workers and management putting the possibility of a third bart strike back on the table. ktvu's live here in oakland where a public comment session wrapped up not 45 minutes ago. >> let me tell you, gasia, this is a big mistake that threatens to derail this tentative agreement that has already been by the union. a few members of the public and about a half a dozen union leaders from atu and got up to speak out. the union say bart signed off and even typed up this new provision and presented it to the union. sectio
against a request from president obama. the decision that cancels insurance policies for hundreds of thousands of people. [ male announcer ] you can change your tomorrow if you do something today. and there's never been a better time because this year, devry university has $45 million dollars in need and merit-based scholarships and grants available to those who qualify. and this degree can make a difference. in 2012, 90% of devry university grads actively seeking employment had careers in their field within 6 months. now is your time. apply by january 6th and find your career success in the bay area. visit devry.edu. . >>> our coverage of cover california. how many people enrolled in the program. new numbers show 30,000 people signed up. and the majority of those people are older. the report shows 56% are between 45-64 years old. 23% were between 18-34. the numbers are not the only news. this afternoon california decided against extending the healthcare plan set to expire at the end of the year. 1million californians were notified that the policies they thought they could keep ar
anonymously. 44 people have been killed so far this year in san jose. >>> president obama wrapped up a three day visit to the west coast today with an upbeat message for the entertainment industry. the president spoke before a crowd of 3,000 people at the dream works animation studio. chief executive is one of the president's biggest supporters. financial disclosure reports show that he gave $3 million to the political organization that supports president obama. but the president said he was there because of the studio's track record in creating jobs. >> i've come here today because this is one of the america's economic engines. not just dream works but this whole cluster of companies that generations have grown up knowing. disney and warner and universal and others. >> reporter: the president was in california to raise money for congressional candidates he also spoke about immigration reform in san francisco and paid a visit to the family of a tsa agent in los angeles who was killed earlier this month. >>> san francisco's mayor is facing some tough questions tonight about the sky high cost
] >> reporter: today president obama paid tribute to american veterans at juneau, -- at arlington national cemetery. he thanked those who are still living for their service to our country. >> they do this so we might live in a world that is safer, freer and more just. this is a gift they have given us. this is the debt that we owe them. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: the nation's oldest world war ii veteran was at the ceremony. 107-year-old received a special ovation. he volunteered for service in 1942 and fought in the pacific with a all black army unit. he met president obama today at the white house. >> president, i am surprised he called. wanted to talk to me. i don't know. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> i don't know. i don't know. [ laughter ] >> they want to send me back over there. >> the u.s. isn't the only country that celebrates veterans day. australian, britain, canada and france honor their service men and women. reporting live, julie haener, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> in the east bay people honored veterans during a ceremony in alameda. [ music ] >> veterans and f
.m. news. >>> president obama is coming to the bay area for a fundraiser. he will attend it in san francisco. tickets for the event range from $1,000 to $15,000. president obama's last bay area visit was in june. >>> the man who lost his 14- year-old son says a google map image makes him feel like the death happened just yesterday. >> new at 5:30 p.m. new developments, and the response from google that they have never given before. >> and latest nap time for a little northern california boy. this is an internet senitation and you can see -- sensation and you can see why. his mom tells us the story of how these pictures have been seen millions of times. >> dangerous combination, burned out hillsides and rain. what officials are doing to prepare for the storm. rain showers in northern california. the time line for tomorrow's morning commute when i come back. >>> firefighters believe an electric car sparked a house fire. it started in the garage and spread to the second floor. a neighborhood tells ktvu it was a kit car that was the cause of the fire. no one was injured and the family
-- >> president obama taking responsibility for the botched launch of the affordable care act and announcing changes about how it will work. we have been reporting on the website issues and the frustration among people who had their insurance canceled. today the president is offering a fix to those who can't keep their vinyl policies. >> reporter: she is battling cancer that spread through her bones and brain. due to the affordable care act her plan is canceled. today president obama offered hope for americans who had their policies canceled because the affordable care act deemed it substandard. the president's newest offer allows insurance company to renew for one year but they must inform them of benefits they won't receive if they keep their plan. >> commissioners have the power to decide what plans can and can't be sold. >> reporter: this afternoon california insurance commissioner called on cover california to do the same. release all from a provision that requires cancellation by the end of the year. >> since the government promised californians could remain in their current felt sure
of the world. i think it's broken. >> the obama administration is spending $30,000 on the competition. the videos are supposed to show why young people need health insurance. officials are hoping the videos will go viral that are washington bureau checked and so far only a few hundred people have watched them since they were first uploaded to youtube on monday. for the president's healthcare law to succeed, the o boma administration needs -- obama administration needs a lot of young people to sign up. >>> adhd cases have been on the increase for at least 15 years. expects think that's because doctors are looking for adhd and more parents know about it. many consider them the good guys and the snack machine, what you've heard about nuts is true. they are good for you. the study follows thousands of people for three decades. it found those who ate seven or more servings were 20% less to day from cancer and heart disease. >>> and a fire on a peninsula, how a witness came to the aid of some of the elderly people who were living inside. >>> no monday night football, the ninerses won't host
this morning. mr. obama and mrs. obama and their two daughters were on hand to receive the tree and meet the folks who grew it. the tree will stand in the blue room, while other rooms in the executive mansion will get their own trees. >>> the 2016 presidential campaign is still a long ways off. but at this time, new jersey governor chris christie is the early republican frontrunner. earlier this month, christie easily won re-election. a cnn poll puts christie in front of other possible gop candidates. it shows he's gained support since september. the new jersey governor hasn't said whether or not he will run for the white house, although he has hinted he would be open to it. >>> a family dog goes missing in the east bay and surveillance video shows a stranger carrying the dog out of a store. alex savidge has more on what the dog's owners are doing to bring her home. >> reporter: on the surveillance video, you can see the pug mix named piggy walking the aisles at the terrace market on foot hill boulevard near san leandro. she wandered into the store on her own, after running away from her
. >>> president obama expressed his gratitude for the men and women serving our country and thanked those for who helped others here at home. >> we give thanks to those making thunited states a better thanksgiving -- making the united states a better nation. that generosity is a central part of our american character. >> several were angry he didn't mention god in his remarks. >> because of the bravery of our troops and their willingness to endure hardships we are able to be at home with our families. >> he delivered the republican thanksgiving address focusing on gratitude for the military. >>> troops in afghanistan are celebrating in the middle of a war zone. they had a chance to have a taste of home with all the tixings. 47 -- fixings. 47,000 troops are in afghanistan but many will go home soon. >>> a walk on the beach or the red woods are many ways people started this thanksgiving day. many thankful for their county, their health and their family. >> brian: sunshine dripped through the trees providing a reflection on a day many do just that. >> we are thankful for family, health, to walk thro
obama and kathleen sebelius have appalls id for the failures -- apologized for the failures. there is a toll free number that is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. >>> he says he told the fbi in 2003 that osama bin laden was hiding in pakistan. he says he got that information from a intelligence official. u.s. officials said a reward will not be paid. >>> new figures show premature births dropped in the united states. the 2012 rate was 11.5%. that is a 15 year low. but it could be as low as 9.6% if prevention measures were widely embraced. the united states ranked 131. landing the u.s. with somalia, turkey and thailand. >>> angry letter turned into a tale of good will. she is a student who works to support herself and after she bought a bike it was stolen. she tapped an angry letter up to the angry bike rack and when people took pictures and posted it it went viral. >> i have been struggling to do this and it was the one nice thing i bought. >> she has gotten offers from several peoples to replace her bike. she is very excited about the nice people offering to help her out.
. >>> people walking through got a big surprise in washington tours. they were greeted by president obama and the first lady. they stopped and talked to visitor who is waited in long lines and of course even held some babies. you can see from this video in the white house you can see the first family dogs beau and sunny. also they're greeting visit core ors. it's been almost eight months since they were open to public. >>> that would be pretty something to get in there and shake the president' hand. >> yeah. >>> all right, let's talk about weather now. bill, just the same cold in the morning and then a nice day. >> yeah, and a lot to tell you about kids. you guys have kids. leaving the jackets at school. mine did too. and that's the way it's going to be. cool in the mornings warm in the afternoons. and changes just start to slide south. here is the satellite loop. it's an active looking pacific. you're starting to see some activity and clouds down here. as we head in towards monday the jet stream wants to drop down close to the bay area and that could issue in some showers. and watch that
released its first enrollment numbers under the law known as obama care. congress has been holding hearings on the bungled roll out of the plan's website. 108,000 people have signed up so far. only 27,000 were able to do it through the site. healthcare.gov. we have the testimony by the technical experts who are overseeing the website. >> reporter: a major announcement. official health insurance enrollment numbers under the affordable care act. the magic number? 106,185 people successfully enrolled in the plan. on the hill, a house committee grilled the administration's top it officials trying to find out who knew about the website debacle and why they didn't delay the october 1st launch to delay the disaster. >> this was an f. or on a pass fail, this is a fail. >> these are millions of dollars going to a failed product. i don't think they're happy. >> reporter: lawmakers point to chief technologiy officer asking if the site will be ready by the end of november. >> many people are able to get through now than at the beginning. that being said, it's not perfect yet. >> reporter: another key i
clinton received the medal of freedom. president obama gave the award to 16 people in all including television legend oprah winfrey, country music artist loretta lynn, women's rights leader gloria steinem, baseball great ernie banks and pioneering astronaut sally ride. >> men and women who in their lives remind us all of the beauty of the human spirit, the values that define us as american, the potential that lives inside all of us. >> this year is the 50th anniversary of the presidential medal of freedom. >>> congressman from florida was sentenced for pleading guilty to cocaine possession. he bought cokeany from a -- cocaine from an undercover agent. they charged him with misdemeanor possession. he says she an alcoholic and plans to seek treatment. >>> former president billbic -- reverend billy graham is back in the hospital. he was admitted to a hospital in atlanta for observation. he is expected to remain there for one or two days. last hunt he was in the hospital for testing. he had -- month he was in the hospital for testing. he had a number of problems. >>> only on 2 under the
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